Engineering & Design Services

Advanced market applications require “out of the box” thinking and Greene Rubber has a proven track record of solving unique engineering challenges. Our engineers understand that function and performance are critical so we like to get involved in your project as early on as possible to provide all the necessary expertise during the design stage. This allows us determine a products’ manufacturability, avoiding unnecessary disruptions.

In our state-of-the-art testing facility, we use the latest in finite element analysis, computer-aided design and proprietary dynamic analysis software to optimize designs quickly, resulting in shorter product development cycles for our customers. These tools help  eliminate costly design iterations and produce innovative products quickly and cost effectively. For unique applications, our engineers have the ability to build customized test systems to reproduce real-world conditions.


  • Design Analysis using Cosmos® FEA, Linear & Non-Linear with professional
  • simulation
  • Material Testing
  • Field Data Acquisition using LabVIEW® Sound & Vibration software
  • Static & Dynamic Fatigue testing using Instron® Measuring Equipment
  • In-House Tool Design

Engineering Capabilities Brochure

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