Tapes & Adhesives

As 3M™ Preferred Converter and  St. Gobain distributor, Greene Rubber has a diverse line of tapes and adhesives to solve a multitude of sealing and fastening problems.

Tapes can be used as an end product such as labels, spacers, bumpers, or as a simple joining system, to a complex and rugged replacement for metal rivets and other fasteners, as an insulator for electrical and thermal conductivity, as a decorative or warning tape for signage, as a mask, a seal, a splice, or a protective surface.  Tapes can be slit, die cut, waterjet cut, zoned on a part or used in its full log width.

Tapes consist of a substrate, an adhesive, and usually a paper or plastic liner.  The substrates available include: rubber, neoprene sponge rubber, EPDM sponge, silicone sponge, neoprene/synthetic rubber or plastic sponge blends, PVC foam, PVA foam, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, silicone foam, PTFE, polyimide, aluminum, or copper.  We will aid in choosing the best material for you, depending upon your application, temperature requirement, UV and/or UL requirements.

The adhesive can either be a rubber-based, silicone-based, or acrylic-based adhesive. There are various attributes for each, dependent on your specific application and production process.  There are also specialized adhesives such as thermally conductive, electrically conductive, repositionable, clean removable, and 3M™ VHB™ (Very High Bond) tape.

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